About Us


Our Vision is to use the outdoors to inspire Active Duty Military Service Members & Veterans to see opportunities in their lives and seek possibilities by creating positive behavioral changes.

Our Mission is to guide Active Duty / Veterans effected by PTSD, PTS, TBI (other wise known as Veterans who have seen and been through some sh*!) into the Great Outdoors For Extreme Adventure.  

"There May Come A Day When You Will Want To Give Up.  Don't.  Because The Best Is Yet To Come." 

     - Jenny Campbell Founder/CEO/ Guide

Get Out There

I grew up in Montana.  I was always outdoors and in the mountains.  It was my place of refuge and solitude among the noise.  It was never dark in the mountains - the Milky Way and stars always burned bright.   Being in the backcountry can often times provide a different outlook, perspective and appreciation for life.  Being outdoors can instill a humble spirit and give you the feeling of what it is like to feel most alive.  My only regret is not having my best friend with me to enjoy the mountains - a place that might have saved his life.  This Foundation is dedicated to my best friend, Eddy.  He was a Navy SEAL and leaves behind a wife and 3 beautiful children (Tadpoles) whom I hope they become apart of this foundation someday.  I hope Dexter, Zelma and Loki always know what an incredible person their Dad was and that as they grow up, they will always see the light he left behind.  Because even when the stars have all gone out he'll still be burning so bright.  

Contagious Light

Be the light.  In a world that can have a lot of darkness if you let it - choose to not only see the light but to be the light to others.

Tadpole Foundation Executive Committee

Jenny M. Campbell

Founder / CEO

Adventure Guide

AIARE Level 1 Certified

ACA Certified Kayak Guide

Jason J. Lessley

Co-Founder / President

Adventure Guide

Active Duty Navy SAR

NOLS Alumni

Leave No Trace Master Educator

Vice President