It's Not The Knowledge You Absorb It's The Knowledge You Apply...

Tadpole University - Knowledge For The Outdoors

Self Arrest

Having a pic-axe is one thing...knowing how to use it in a real life setting is another.

Avalanche Safety

Learn how to read a slope, use a probe, beacon and understand that seconds matter

Leave No Trace

Learn what "leave only footprints - take only memories" really means

What Knot

Learn what knots to use when and gain experience tying and applying - you never know when a knot might save your life.

Backcountry Kitchen

Learn how to cook in the backcountry, how to freeze-dry food at home, what to pack and make the most of space/weight

Winter Survival

Outdoor survival taken to a higher level when freezing temps and snow are involved.  

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*****General Public: Interested in signing up for a class? Contact Tadpole Foundation for dates/location/cost***** Veterans: These courses are built into our Veteran Adventure Programs and are at no cost to you