Where It All Began

It all started back in 2004...

I moved to San Diego to live close to my brother who had joined the Navy as a Search & Rescue Swimmer.  His close friend & I headed to meet other friends at "The Plank" in Imperial Beach. I think all great stories start at "The Plank" in IB - as locals would agree.  There I met who would become my closest guy friend for the next 13 years.  

Over The Years

We became the closest of friends - always there for each other.  We shared a love for Dean Koontz books and talked for hours often about life.  Through his deployments I would send so many care packages the Post Office knew me by name.  He was a Navy SEAL and had dedicated his life to succeeding in that arena.  Through the years and over multiple deployments, Eddy developed PTSD in addition had an IED that caused TBI It was subtle and only obvious to those that knew him.  Darkness started to seep in.  He was later honorably discharged from the SEALS which would add fuel to the darkness.  He over went multiple surgeries some from military injuries and some self inflicted.  He found light in that darkness when reuniting with a childhood friend that he shortly after married.  The light in his eyes was back and a smile appeared.  My family life was just as hectic as his family life and sometimes we would go months without talking but when we did we randomly picked back up where we left off - almost in mid sentence.  

July 2017

In the recent years Eddy struggled with leaving Active Duty as a Navy Seal, he struggled with the physical pain of multiple surgeries and the pain meds and alcohol led to larger challenges. The struggle with an ex and child custody only added fuel to the fire.  Eddy's world got dark and though it wasn't obvious on the outside he struggled to find himself on the inside.  On July 19, 2017 Eddy took his own life under a bridge in San Ysidro.  A bridge to this day I visit often trying to understand and comprehend how I failed him.  How I wasn't there for him and what could I have done to change the outcome of that day.  I can't.  But what I can do it take my passion for the outdoors and my love for the mountains and bring that to anyone that might be struggling in their own way to see the light.  I know without a doubt that if I had taken Eddy on my outdoor adventures, his world would not have been so dark and his world would not have closed in so quickly.  The mountains have a way of healing the sole in ways that no-one else can.  Outdoors and Adventure have a way of bringing out the brightest light in all of us and I'd like to bring that to as many people as possible; through Eddy's Foundation.

Tadpole Foundation also is a big advocate for Warrior Angels Foundation and their Founder Andrew Marr.  If you ever have an opportunity to hear his story - it is a mirror image of Eddy's story, only Eddy's had a different ending.  We encourage anyone with TBI to listen to Andrew Marr's story and hear about his incredible recovery.  For additional information click on RECOVERY tab.

If you or someone you know has PTSD, TBI or has suffered from Trauma or Extreme Stress and is a Veteran please reach out to us TODAY!  We're the ones that will show up on your doorstep to take you on an extreme adventure in the great outdoors and hike with you on your journey to recovery.

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